Exclude Linux Applications from Monitoring

Accountable2You monitors activity on devices at a deep level, yet we also recognize that some apps may need to be excluded for your privacy. For these situations, we have the App Exclusions list.

Accountable2You must be installed before you can access this feature. Please see our Linux installation instructions here.

Excluding apps

Step 1: Click on the A2U icon on the top menu bar and choose Exclusions from the pop-up menu.


Step 2: You'll be prompted to enter your password for Accountable2You. Enter it and click Verify.

Step 3: On the next screen, check the box beside any app you wish to exclude from being monitored. 


Only applications that have been opened/run in Linux after Accountable2You is installed will appear on this list.

When you've finished making exclusions, simply close the window. That's it! The selected apps are now excluded from monitoring.

When you exclude an application, an alert will appear on your report similar to the one below:


The names of excluded apps will still appear on activity reports, but will no longer share detailed information. Instead, there will be a message saying that monitoring has been disabled for the app:


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