Exclude Windows Applications from Monitoring

We understand that there are some areas where privacy may be needed, even in the midst of transparency! Because of this, we've equipped our Windows software with an Application Exclusion feature.

(Note that Accountable2You must first be installed before you can access this feature. Please see our Windows installation instructions here if you still need to install A2U).

Find the A2U icon (in your System Tray near the clock), and click it to open the menu. Then select Settings.

Enter your Accountable2You password and click Verify. Your exclusion list will now appear — here, you'll see a list of any programs on your computer that have been used since the device was last restarted.
Not seeing a program listed in the exclusions?
  1. Close the A2U window by clicking the red 'X', and simply open the program you'd like to exclude on your computer.
  2. Then, head back into the exclusions list in the A2U app, and you should now see the program in question!

(Only applications that have been opened since the time A2U was installed and the last time the computer was restarted will appear on this list.)

Locate the program you'd like to exclude and click on it to select it. A red 'X' indicates that a program is currently excluded from detailed monitoring.

Repeat step 3 for all desired application exclusions, then you're all set! Click the exit button in the upper-right corner to finish.

Keep in mind that when you exclude an application, your accountability partners will be notified — a distinct alert for each app excluded will appear on your reports as shown below.

 If you'd like to learn more about this feature, check out our introduction to App Exclusions feature in this article!

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